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The Add-A-Switch ® Filler-Breather System consists of an oil filler-breather and screen, a raised reservoir mounting adapter and a choice of oil level switch and oil temerature switch options which can be combined as desired, and includes the necessary switch mounting and installation hardware.

All switch options mount to the reservoir mounting adapter and are immersed in the oil through the reservoir fill hole. A brass immersion tube is cut to proper length at the time of assembly. Switches and tubing are assembled using compression type fittings (included). No tube flaring is necessary.
Our System detects:
* Low and/or High Oil Levels *
* High Oil Temperature *

* One Device Replaces Filler Cap, Level Switch & Temperature Switch
* Single Reservoir Penetration Saves Space and Mounting Time
* Raised Filler-Breather Reduces Reservoir Contamination
* Safely Monitors Condition of Oil in Remotely Mounted Reservoirs
* Saves Expensive Pumps and Fluid Components by warning of Damaging Oil Conditions
* Retrofits Most Existing Reservoirs in the Field Without Drilling or Welding.
* Uses Industry Standard 2 1/8" Dia. - 6 bolt Mounting Pattern
For Hydraulic and Lubrication Reservoirs
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